Welcome to Sykes

For over 100 years, Sykes has proudly served the Flathead Valley through the Diner, the Market, and other amenities. Our restaurant provides a casual and friendly dining experience with excellent food and generous portions at great prices combined with a local flavor that is rare.

Recent renovations have added a new chapter to the story of Sykes. Doug and Judy Wise had owned the business for over 60 years when in the Fall of 2010, they decided to sell the business to local businessman Ray Thompson. After a team was installed to carry on the friendliness that we are known for and significant remodeling and additions, the market opened in the Fall of 2011 and the apartments in the Summer of 2012.

Here at Sykes, we are committed to preserving the principles and services that Sykes was founded on: Honesty, Friendliness, and Great Value.

We look forward to you stopping in!

Nobody goes away a stranger.Doug Wise

Dear Sykes Customers,
During these unusual times Sykes is available for carry out or delivery through Door Dash and Café Courier. We have had to reduce the menu for the time being but will be back to normal as soon as we possibly can. We have left most of the best things on the menu but with the reduction in business some items are not possible. We appreciate the support we have been getting from the community and are so grateful for those of you who have been by to get some food to go or even just to stop in and see us.

Please feel free to call with questions and thank you for understanding! We look forward to seeing you all in here again soon!